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Founded in 1986, Olympia International, Inc. is one of the largest privately-owned warehouse facilities in Laredo, Texas; the principal gateway to Mexico from the United States. Olympia International, Inc. is a full service customs broker, freight forwarder, and distributor for domestic, foreign, and multinational companies, producers, and traders.


We specialize in dry goods and general commodities, such as coffee, steel goods, rubber goods, insulations, lighting fixtures, clothing,  and construction equipment.


Our modern warehousing and freight management capabilities mean we have the flexibility to serve your special freight and warehousing needs with care, attention, and professionalism.


Our warehouse provides over 138,000 square feet of insulted storage area to protect your goods and commodities from damage due to temperature extremes.


We can accommodate as many as 25 trucks at our loading dock and typically handle more than 50 trucks each day.


“When you’re shipping goods, time is money. You don’t need problems. You want to avoid red tape. We’re here to make sure the transfer of our customers products goes smoothly...and to ensure the safety and good condition of those products when they arrive at their destination”


Sergio H. Velasquez


“We asked, what do customers’ needs when they are faced with customs regulations, borders crossing, and the complexities of the international documentation requirements?  The answer was clear. A Full service company that provides personalized service, reliable handling of goods, and guaranteed results.”

Patsy Gonzalez,